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Spain 2€ commemorative coin 2024 -The Archivo General de Indias in Seville

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In 1948, Belgium finally introduced universal women's suffrage. This made Belgium the last European country, after Greece and Switzerland, in which women were given a vote. The ladies could not effectively use this vote until the parliamentary elections in June 1949. Earlier, the focus of feminist movements was on general civil rights and equal opportunities in education; in other words the economic emancipation of women. On the political front, one of the main concerns was that women, more than men, would be influenced by their pastor when voting. On the coin itself, you will see the text 'ALGEMEEN VROUWENKIESRECHT SUFFRAGE UNIVERSEL FÉMININ' all around. Inside it, the Venus symbol as a voting box with a red pencil. Next to it: 75 JAAR ANS. Next to it, the country indication BE and the year 2023, below it the mintmaster's mark (an erlenmeyer flask with aster) and the privy mark of the Royal Dutch Mint (the Mercury staff). Bottom right 'IB' the initials of designer Iris Bruijns. The BU version in coincard shows the glee with which the acquired right to vote was announced in the newspapers 75 years ago and also shows women exercising their right to vote.

Issuing volume: 125 000 coins

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Issuing volume: 30 000 000 coins

Issuing date: January 2024

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Feature: The Feierstüppeler is the figure of a foundry worker, which was found on Luxembourg 50 cent pieces and on 1 and 2 franc pieces between 1924 and 1991.

On 25 October 2002, a sculpture by Yvette Gastauer-Claire called De Feierstöppler was officially unveiled in front of the central bank of Luxembourg City. The sculpture is supposed to remember the Luxembourg franc, which was replaced by the euro in 2001, and also be a tribute to the steel industry, which brought prosperity to the country. The sculpture has no head, but oversized hands. At the unveiling, the artist explained that large hands can be found in all of her lei sculptures due to their strong splendor.

Issuing volume: 160 000 coins

Issuing date: February 2021
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Issuing volume:

Issuing date:
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Feature: Social and health services

Description: The design represents a stylized map of Finland. The left-hand side bears the lettering ‘WELL-BEING’ in Finnish and Swedish. The year of issuance ‘2023’ is slightly on the left-hand side in the middle of the coin. At the bottom is the indication of the issuing country ‘FI’. At the right hand-side is the mintmark of the Mint of Finland. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume: 400 000 coins

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