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"Remembering the ship of dreams". . Solomon Islands 10$ 2023 99,9% Gold Coin 1,0 g

179,00 €
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Face Value: 10 Dollars
Weight: 1,0 g
Gold: 99,9%
Diameter: 15.8 x 9 mm
Quality Proof-like
Issuing Country: Solomon Islands
Year Date: 2023
Mintage: 999

In honour of the 111th anniversary of the R.M.S. Titanic.
First ever ship-shaped miniature gold coin

Remembering the most famous ship in history struck from one of the most valued precious metals: Pure Gold .999

Our highest minting standards allow a realistic ship-shaped coin with incredible and rich detail on only 1 g of Gold!

Anniversary product with strict limitation of only 999 pieces worldwide!
Face Value: 10 Dollars
Issuing Country: Solomon Islands
Weight 5 oz
Silver 99.9%
Diameter 106 x 48,6 mm
Quality Prooflike
Year Date: 2022
Special Feature: Special shape. Partial Colouring
Mintage: 750

Remembering the "Ship of Dreams"
In honor of the 110th anniversary of RMS Titanic

Realistic and detailed 3D depiction of the most famous ship in history in front of the ice berg remembering one of the greatest tragedies of our times.

The shipping route and coordinates of the Titanic‘s final resting place in combination with a compass framing the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. are struck on the obverse of the coin.

Impressive and highly detailed special shaped coin struck from 5 oz pure Silver and strictly limited to only 750 coins.
429,00 €
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This strictly limited-edition ½g gold coin has been expertly struck to our finest Proof quality to ensure that every design detail is carefully reproduced on its delicate form. It is presented in a luxury case, accompanied by an informative booklet and a certificate that guarantees its accuracy and authenticity.
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