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Lunar Year of the Snake 2025 Mongolia 1000 Togrog 2021 99,99% gold coin 0,5 g

120,00 €
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Country: Mongolia
Year: 2025
Face Value: 1000 Togrog
Gold: 99.99%
Weigh: 0.5 g
Size: 11 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 5000

Lunar Year coins are highly popular with collectors, and the annual CIT issues have become all-time favourites. The 2025 release honours the «Year of the Snake».

For thousands of years snakes have been perceived as creatures of deceit and malice in various cultures, yet in China they are held in high regard. Many Chinese gods are intertwined with them, such as Nuwa, who sculpted mankind from clay. She is often portrayed with a serpent’s body and a human head.

As in prior years, three exquisite and highly sought-after releases are presented. Including a spectacular, 3-dimensionally sculpted, free-standing 1-ounce silver coin, which, thanks to its antique-finish surface, can be held safely in hand as a lucky charm.
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Face value: 50$
Issuing Country: Salomon Island
Weight: 0,5 gr
Gold: 99.9%
Diameter: 11 mm
Quality Proof like
Mintage: 5 000
Year Date: 2021
110,00 €
Face value 2 £
Silver: 99,9%
Diameter: 11 mm
Weight: 0,5 g
Mintage: 1 000

The East India Company’s celebrated annual Una & the Lion series continues with this stunning new design by Glyn Davies, providing contemporary collectors with a modern twist on the ancient legend of heroic Una and her devoted companion the Lion.

Glyn Davies’ elegant, determined Una and powerful but poised lion sit facing each other, staring deeply into each others eyes as they ponder the next step on their quest, seeming to communicate their thoughts, hopes and fears through their held gaze. His design captures all the grace, courage and trust of the original story of this brave princess and the mighty beast at her side.

This strictly limited-edition ½g gold coin has been expertly struck to our finest Proof quality to ensure that every design detail is carefully reproduced on its delicate form. It is presented in a luxury case, accompanied by an informative booklet and a certificate that guarantees its accuracy and authenticity.
149,00 €
Face Value: 10 Dollars
Weight: 1,0 g
Gold: 99,9%
Diameter: 15.8 x 9 mm
Quality Proof-like
Issuing Country: Solomon Islands
Year Date: 2023
Mintage: 999

In honour of the 111th anniversary of the R.M.S. Titanic.
First ever ship-shaped miniature gold coin

Remembering the most famous ship in history struck from one of the most valued precious metals: Pure Gold .999

Our highest minting standards allow a realistic ship-shaped coin with incredible and rich detail on only 1 g of Gold!

Anniversary product with strict limitation of only 999 pieces worldwide!
179,00 €
Face Value 10$ Solomon Islands
Gold: 99,99%
Weight: 2 g
Dimentions: 11,5 x 19 mm
Mintage 1500

The 2g .9999 fine gold coin "Coin Jewelry" features a Chinese Dragon on the new issue. The dragon represents strength and wealth,
but also good luck, kindness and intelligence. The dragon is considered the strongest animal of the Chinese Zodiac.
Gold jewelry is usually made of 14 k (585) and occasionally of 18 k (750) gold. This series is a very rare exception:
its 24 k fineness is not just 999, but even 9999 finest gold. Being an official coin, its value is guaranteed by the issuing authorities.

359,00 €
Nominal value 5 $
Silver: 99.9%
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 50 mm
Maximum Mintage: 500
Finish: Antique finish

This silver coin depicts one of the most sacred Chinese folklores narrating supernatural abundance and miraculous multiplication. It portrays a Chinese dragon with its magical pearl.

Behold the fiery allure of 'Pink Pearl and Dragon', featuring a majestic depiction of a dragon exhaling a blaze of fire. Nestled within this flame is a delicate pink pearl insert, creating a striking contrast of power and elegance. Enhanced with gilding, the high relief design accentuates the dragon's dynamic breath, creating an illusion of movement and fierce power.

The 'Pink Pearl and Dragon' is the third 2 oz coin from 'Divine Pearls' collection, celebrating the harmonious balance between the dragon's formidable presence and the pearl's tranquil beauty. It is a narrative of contrasting forces coexisting in splendid unity.
299,00 €