New Year Coin 2022 Happiness is a bird - 5 € 2022 copper coin, 8,9 g

15,00 €
Qty.: - +
Quality: Uncirculated
Face Value: 5 Euro
Diameter: 28,5 mm
MwrL: Copper
Total Weight: 8,9 g

Happiness is a bird. So says the popular Viennese folk song with the same title. The metaphor is an expression of the essential truth that happiness is fleeting, fragile and hard to keep hold of.

Not that we should be discouraged, as it is this very elusiveness that makes happiness worth striving for and why we should have the strength and courage to keep pursuing it. This message is particularly apt for the challenging times in which we are currently living. Destiny may force us to take a rest, continues the song, which is exactly what has happened to most of us in the last couple of years, when we have had to put life on hold and be patient. This has also forced us to appreciate the meaning of solidarity, another key message of the song. The bird on the coin doesn't have a big heart for nothing.

So If you find happiness in 2022, enjoy it while you can – until the next time, at least.

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Denomination: £5
Maximum Coin Mintage; Unlimited
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Obverse Designer Jody Clark
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Canada’s Coat of Arms turns 100. Proclaimed by King George V in 1921, Canada’s Coat of Arms first appeared on the 50 cent coin in 1937. Today, the 50 cent coin is an annual issue that is rarely found in circulation, but its limited mintage and heraldic art make it a favourite among collectors.
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Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada's Coat of Arms with this 50 cent coin. Modern reproductions of the very first coin to feature Canada nation's coat of arms: the 50-cent coin issued in 1937. With a historic effigy on the obverse, and an early version of the coat of arms on the reverse, each coin represents history. It's our way of paying tribute to a 100-year-old emblem that has a place of honour on Canada's coins.

The original coat of arms coin design from 1937.
Canada's coay of arms turns 100. This coin is modern reproductions of the 50-cent coin issued in 1937. It was the first coin to feature Canada's Coat of Arms, which was originally adopted 100 years ago (1921) by proclamation of King George V.
Just like the 50-cent coin issued in 1937, the coin feature the effigy of King George VI by T. H. Paget and a pre-1947 inscription.

Your coins feature G. E. Kruger Gray's simplified version of Canada's Coat of Arms that first appeared on the 50-cent circulation coin in 1937. Each obverse features the historic effigy of King George VI by T. H. Paget and the inscription "GEORGIVS VI:G:REX ET IND:IMP" (George VI, by the grace of God, King and Emperor of India), as seen on all Canadian coins issued that year.

Did you know?
Adopted by proclamation of King George V in 1921, the Arms of Canada first appeared on the 50-cent coin in 1937. Seen here, the original design was a simplified version that remained in use until 1959, when it was replaced by Thomas Shingles' modified coat of arms.
5,00 €
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The first release in an interesting, thought provoking new series, this high relief silver coin depicts the Greek Goddess, Athena.

A twelve issue set, the Twelve Olympians of the Zodiac considers which of the traditional star signs coincide with the Gods of Olympus of Ancient Greece. For Athena, the decision is clear - Aries!

Athena's connection with Aries is fairly straight forward. Aries is associated with the head, and anyone even remotely aware of classical mythology knows that Athena sprung fully-formed from Zeus head, and is associated with intellect and all that it entails. Aries in particular is associated with traits like leadership, strategy and courage, all traits intrinsic to Athena in her myths. Aries in particular is associated with the fire of the mind, raw creativity and thought, as well as the rising of the dawn, being the start of the Zodiac and exalted in the Sun, all traits visceral to the nature of Athena's story, being the Nous of Zeus. Notably, the bird most associated with Aries is the owl, the bird of Athena.

According to some astrologists, Aries is associated with creativity and thought, as well as the rising of the dawn, being the start of the Zodiac. All of these traits can be ascribed to Athena, as the offspring of Zeus. Intriguingly, the bird most associated with Aries is the owl... the bird widely used to depict Athena.
35,00 €
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19,00 € (24%)
25,00 €