Italy 2€ commemorative coin 2023 - 100th Anniversary of Italian Air Force

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Depicts the logo designed by the Italian Air Force staff for the centennial celebrations. The design depicts a large stylized numeral “100” crossed by a runway with an antique aircraft, a pioneer propeller biplane, at the lower left and a modern fighter aircraft, presumably an F35, at the upper right. A semicircular line on the right edge of the image links the two elements with the dates 1923 and 2023.
Issuing volume: 2 750 000 coins

Issuing date: 01.03. 2023
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Following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the year 2021 officially marks the beginning of the countdown to the Paris Games. It is the handingover of the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the previous Games that marks the starting point of a new era of Games in France. This Handover will bedepicted in the series. 2021 is also the first year of a quadrilogy in which sport and its values will be honored through the Monnaie de Paris' coin and medallions collections. To mark the countdown to the launch of the Games, Monnaie de Paris will issue a €2 commemorative coin for four years from 2021. These coins will highlighting the Olympic Games through famous French numismatic figures.

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Issuing volume: 1 500 000 coins

Issuing date: First quarter 2023
7,00 €
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Issuing volume: 500 000 coins

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Issuing date: May 2023
5,00 €