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Great dates of humanity - History of the independence of the USA Battle of Cowpens France 20€ 2024 silver coin, 1 oz

129,00 €
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Face value: 20 €
Silver: 99,9%
Year date: 2023
Weight: 31.104 g
Mintage: 3000
Diameter: 37 mm

In 2020, Monnaie de Paris began the series “History of US Independency" with the arrival of La Fayette in Boston.

This year, it's the Battle of Cowpens medal that will be honoured.

The Battle of Cowpens, in South Carolina, took place on January 17th, 1781. It was a crushing victory for the armed forces led by General Daniel Morgan against the British, led by Banastre Tarleton, resulting in the capture, disappearance, or death of around 75% of the British forces.

This first military success, which led to victory at Yorktown and to the Declaration of Independence, was the subject of three commemorative medals decided by Congress: a gold one awarded to General Morgan, and two silver ones awarded to William Washington, commander of the cavalry, and John Eagar Howard, commander of the infantry. They were decided during the time when Benjamin Franklin and D. Humphrey were negotiating in Paris the alliance with France that would lead to the Treaty of Paris signed in September 1783.

The obverse, illustrating Daniel Morgan's Victory, depicts him full-length, about to be crowned by an Indian queen, an allegory of America; a female figure wearing a short breastplate and a feathered headdress. The acronym RF and the yeardate were added to the obverse.

The reverse shows the General-in-Chief leading the charge on horseback, followed by his troops on foot and overthrowing the fleeing English adversary. It is signed by the engraver Augustin Dupré, who was the general engraver of Monnaie de Paris at the time. The face value and hallmarks were added to the reverse.
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