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FRANKENSTEIN 200th Anniversary Set 3 Gold Plated Coins 1$ Tokelau 2019

115,00 €
Qty.: - +
Country: Tokelau
Year: 2019
Face Value: 1 Dollar x 3
Metal; Cupronickel
Weight: 26 g x 3
Diameter: 40 mm
Quality: Prooflike
Mintage: 5.000 pcs
Presentation case

This beautiful Gold plated coin Set is dedicated to one of the most famou novel written by English author Mary Shelley – Frankenstein. The coins have a beautiful colouration, have a wonderful Gold plating, have a Proof quality and come in an elegant presentation case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to 5.000 pieces worldwide.
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Metal: NordicGold
Weight: 15,80 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Mintage: 10 000

In 2022, Smiley celebrates its fifth decade of smiles and optimism.

The emblematic yellow, round face of the brand was born on 1st, January 1972 in France, when journalist Franklin Loufrani used this infectious smile in the newspaper France-soir in order to highlight stories which brought positive news and cheered up French people’s spirit. This operation, called « Take the time to smile » was an immediate success.

In 1996, the logo is relaunched and developed in other forms : a new 3D version is created and new expressions are added in. Nowadays, from the smiley to the emoticon, smiling takes multiple forms, becoming a representative of cheerfulness !

Since the creation of the yellow smile in 1972, Smiley diversified the range of its expressions, conveying over a hundred émotions. From the smiley to the emoticon, smiling takes multiple forms.

Each mini-medal highlights a particular emotion : love, gratitude, gluttony, joy and laughing.

The medals are packaged in a coloured packaging, to treat to someone or to yourself.
9,90 €
Face value: 0.2 $
Issuing country: Samoa
Weight: 25 g
Diameter: 40 mm

Artemis still remains intrinsic to the Sagittarius sign to this day: after all, who among the Olympians is the archer goddess, associated with the forests and the primeval might of the centaur? Like her brother Apollo, Artemis is a goddess of fiery arrows, illuminating the darkness and destroying those who offend her, and her role in this department might even be more relevant than her brother's. Sagittarius is also the first sign of the night as the beginning of the winter, relating to Artemis' intrinsic nature as a goddess of moonlight. The association of Sagittarius with Artemis also relates to her cult's rivalry with primitive Christianity: Sagittarius is the sign of truth and knowledge, and Artemis is the light bearer.
35,00 €
Quality: Special Uncirculated
Face Value: 5 Euro
Diameter: 28,5 mm
Copper: 99,9%
Total Weight: 8,5 g
Comes without packaging

Few animals have had a bigger impact on humans than the horse. Its power, beauty and sensitivity make the horse one of the most beloved members of the animal kingdom, not least among young female riders, many of whom form a profound and enduring bond with their loyal steed. The Easter Coin 2020 celebrates this unique bond.

From being the subject of countless prehistoric cave paintings, to the leading form of human transport for more than five millennia, the horse has played an unparalleled role in the development of society. The most iconic of all European horse breeds is the Lipizzaner, made world famous through its connection with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Originally from Slovenia, the Lipizzaner has been bred since 1920 at the stud farm at Piber in the Austrian province of Styria, where some 40 foals come into the world every year. Within minutes of their birth, new born foals can stand and, though initially unsteady, are soon galloping joyfully across the alpine meadows.

The coin features a foal in the foreground frolicking happily through a meadow while its mother keeps a watchful eye close behind. The lower part of the coin is decorated with an assortment of spring flowers.

15,00 €
Denomination: UK 5£
Alloy: Copper-nickel
Weight: 28,28 g
Diameter: 38,61 mm
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Year: 2023

This is the 5 Pound Commemorative Coin for the Coronation of Charles III, struck by The Royal Mint in Brilliant Uncirculated quality. This keepsake comes in a representative collector's box with all official accessories. In it you will find all numismatic details and all kinds of interesting information about the coronation of King Charles III. On obverse you will see the portrait of the king surrounded by the text "F · D · 5 POUNDS ·2023 · CHARLES III · D · G · REX". The king wears the Tudor crown - which was destroyed around 1640, but still occasionally appears on effigies of British monarchs. The reverse shows some of the royal regalia traditionally associated with the coronation ceremony. In the centre is St Edward's crown, traditionally used to crown English and British monarchs since the 13th century. Next to the crown are the sovereign's sceptres. On the left, the sovereign's sceptre with cross, representing the sovereign's temporal power. On the right, the sovereign's sceptre with dove: the dove symbolises the Holy Spirit and the king's spiritual role as head of the Anglican Church. Along the top edge is the text "THE CORORNATION OF KING CHARLES III" with the date on which the coronation will take place "6 MAY 2023" underneath. The death of Queen Elizabeth II caused a stir in the UK and abroad. She was on the throne for over 70 years, making her one of the longest-serving monarchs ever. Following her death, 73-year-old Charles III became king of the UK with immediate effect. On Saturday 6 May 2023, official coronation ceremonies will take place at Westminster Abbey, where all coronations since 1066 have been performed. It is traditional in England to have a longer period of mourning after the death of a monarch, leading to the coronation of the heir to the throne not taking place until several months later.
25,00 €
Face value: Samoa 0,25$
Weight: 47 gr
Diameter: 40 mm
Mintage: 3 000

The tawny owl (Strix aluco), also called the brown owl, is commonly found in woodlands across Europe to western Siberia, and has seven recognized subspecies. It is a stocky, medium-sized owl, whose underparts are pale with dark streaks, and whose upper body may be either brown or grey. (In several subspecies, individuals may be of either color.) The tawny owl typically makes its nest in a tree hollow where it can protect its eggs and young against potential predators. It is non-migratory and highly territorial: as a result, when young birds grow up and leave the parental nest, if they cannot find a vacant territory to claim as their own, they will often starve
39,00 €