France 2€ commemorative coin 2020 - Charles de Gaulle

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Feature: Charles de Gaulle

Description: The design represents two profiles of Charles de Gaulle at two different times. The profile in the background shows Charles de Gaulle in army general is uniform during the call to arms of the 18th June 1940 or during the liberation of Paris. The profile in the foreground represents Charles de Gaulle during his second presidential term of office. Finally, the mention RF is semi-integrated in a Lorraine cross, symbol of free France chosen by General de Gaulle in 1940. His dates of birth and death as well as the year date are also inscribed in the Lorraine cross. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume: 18 061 940 coins

Issuing date: June 2020
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Feature: 150th anniversary of the birth of Maria Montessori

Description: A portrait of Maria Montessori in a geometric composition with some of didactic elements drawn from her educational system. In the right field, ‘RI’, acronym of the Italian Republic; on the left, ‘R’ ,identifying the Mint of Rome; on the right, ‘LDS’, initials of the designer Luciana De Simoni; at the top and bottom, the dates ‘1870’ e ‘2020’, the year of birth of the Italian pedagogue and that of coin’s issue, respectively; around the portrait, the inscription ‘MARIA MONTESSORI’. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume: 3 000 000 coins

Issuing date: June 2020
7,00 €
Feature: 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Pope John Paul II

Description: The design features Pope John Paul II, the home where He was born and the Basilica near His home in Wadowice, Poland. At the top left, in semi-circle is the inscription ‘PAPA GIOVANNI PAOLO II’. At the right are the years ‘1920 2020’, and the mintmark ‘R’. At the bottom, in semi-circle, is the name of the issuing country ‘CITTA’ DEL VATICANO’. Under the image of the Basilica are the artist’s name ‘G. TITOTTO’ and the engraver’s initials ‘M.A.C. INC’ (Maria Angela Cassol, engraver). The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume: 101 000 coins
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Feature: Unesco World Heritage Site – pre-historic temples of Skorba

Description: The design features Skorba, a prehistoric temple located near the hamlet of Zebbiegh, in the northwest of Malta. The complex consists of two temples built side by side. These were built on a much older settlement remains of which were discovered outside the temple complex. Skorba lacks the monumentality of the other temples on the Maltese islands. Nevertheless, the site is of utmost importance having enabled archaeologists to set Malta’s prehistoric cultural sequence and establish that the islands were first inhabited at around 5 000 BC. The inscription ‘SKORBA TEMPLES 3600-2500 BC’ appears at the top of the design. At the bottom are the name of the issuing country ‘MALTA’ and the year of issuance ‘2020’. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume: 170 000 coins
15,00 €
Feature: The Constitution Act of Finland

Description: The design shows three circular fields that are joined together at the centre. The three fields represent the trias politica, separation of powers into three different branches: a legislative, an executive, and a judiciary power. The year of issuance ‘2019’ is placed centre left. The indication of the issuing country ‘FI’ and the mint mark are placed bottom right. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issuing volume: 500 000 coins

Issuing date: September / October 2019
9,00 €
Motiiv: 27. Ibero-Ameerika tippkohtumine Andorras

Kirjeldus: 27. Ibero-Ameerika riigipeade ja valitsusjuhtide tippkohtumine peetakse 2020. aastal Andorra Vürstiriigis. Andorra, mis on Ibero-Ameerika konverentsi uusim ja kõige väikseim liige, on selle kõrgetasemelise poliitilise kohtumise korraldaja. Kohtumisel osalevad 19 Ladina-Ameerika riiki ning Hispaania, Portugal ja Andorra. Kohtimisel arutatakse ühiste eesmärkide (nt kestlik areng) saavutamist. Mündil on kujutatud puu, mis koosneb inimsiluettidest ja tillukestest hammasratastest. Inimsiluetid sümboliseerivad ühiskonna lõimumist, kultuuri ja haridust kestliku tuleviku saavutamiseks. Tillukesed hammasrattad sümboliseerivad tippkohtumisel osalejate ideede ja ettepanekute vahetamisest tekkivat sünergiat. Puu kõrval on kujutatud 27. tippkohtumise logo. Logo ülemisel poolel kujutatud kolm kolmnurka sümboliseerivad Andorra lipu värve. Logo alumisel poolel kujutatud kuus kolmnurka sümboliseerivad Andorra avatust kestliku arengu eesmärkidele. Kujutise ümber on kiri „XXVII CIMERA IBEROAMERICANA ANDORRA 2020” (27. Ibero-Ameerika tippkohtumine, Andorra 2020). Mündi välisringil on kujutatud Euroopa Liidu lipu 12 tähte.

Emissiooni maht: 73 500 münti

Emissiooni aeg: 2020.
55,00 €