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Case for 96 bottle caps, square ports

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Size: 298 x 239 x 21 mm

Bottle caps are one of the more popular exotic areas
of collecting “pop culture“ memorabilia. There are plenty of attractive bottle caps to collect from around the world, and a loyal and enthusiastic collectors’ community has now been built up. Thanks to their round shape, bottle caps are similar to coins. Consequently, accessories for storing these items are also essential for good safekeeping and as a means of attractive presentation.
The collector’s box from Leuchtturm was developed especially for collectors of bottle caps. The lid features a motif which reminds the viewer of what a bottle cap typically looks like. The stylish and brightly coloured design appeals to younger collectors and presents bottle caps as a cool and interesting area of collecting. The box contains two trays that can be stacked on top of one another and have been adapted to the typical size of a bottle cap. This bottle cap collection will be the centre of attraction at any party – guaranteed!
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