Plastic sheets OPTIMA 4C for banknote

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OPTIMA sheets with a special film are free of chemical softener and compatible with all OPTIMA ring binder. Crystal-clear sheets with one-side storage and double-sided view. The black OPTIMA-S sheets are for two-sided storage and thus offer double capacity. 
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Tugevast krstall-selgest kilest vaheleht sobib kasutamiseks OPTIMA sarja albumis paberraha või mündikomplektide hoiustamiseks.

Mahustab 3 paberraha mõõtmetega: 77 x 180 mm
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Crystal-clear and sturdy coin sheet (pasticiser-free and acid-free) in OPTIMA format (202x 252 mm) to store and present your coins securely and beautifully. 8 different sized inserts to house 12 coins with Matrix holders 50x50 mm.
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Crystal-clear and sturdy coin sheet (pasticiser-free and acid-free) in OPTIMA format (202x 252 mm) to store and present your coins securely and beautifully. 8 different sized inserts to house 54 coins.
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Start collecting easily: With the OPTIMA EASY ringbinder for storing coins, stamps, banknotes, letters, postcards, and much more. 
The album is suitable for all OPTIMA sheets (not suitable for OPTIMA XL sheets). Holds up to 50 OPTIMA sheets or 12 OPTIMA coin sheets.
Slightly padded, smooth cover with silver-colored embossing and a flat spine. Robust 4 ring mechanism. Binder excl. contents. Overall size: 270 x 220 x 40 mm 
17,00 €
OPTIMA ring binder made from textured leatherette with a matching slipcase. Two page turners. Can be expanded to hold up to 50 OPTIMA coin sheets (depending on contens).
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