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Stockbook for 80 coin cards

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Elegant packaging and the perfect means of ensuring
that coins are well protected: coincards are extremely popular among numismatists and are considered to be the premium method of presenting coins. But coincards need to be well protected to ensure that the surface is not scratched or the corners damaged. Discerning coincard fans can store their treasured items in this fabulous collectors’ album. It features a sturdy cover adorned with lots of coincards from various countries in the eurozone and is true inspiration for this fascinating and profitable area of collecting. The album can accommodate 80 coincards in eight see-through sheets, allowing the coincards to be viewed from both sides.

- For storing up to 80 coin cards
- Including 10 permanently bound sheets for holding 8 coin cards per page
- Clear sheets made of softener-free plastic
- Sheets can be filled from above, have an inner pocket size of 90 x 64 mm, and offer secure hold and protection from impurities
- Outer size: 245 x 290 x 70 mm
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