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Democracy - Austria 5 € 2022 copper coin, 8,9 g

15,00 €
Qty.: - +
Quality: Uncirculated
Face Value: 5 Euro
Diameter: 28,5 mm
Material: Copper
Total Weight: 8,9 g
Mintage: 200 000

A coin the likes of which Austria has never seen before, Democracy is made from copper from the former roof of the Parliament building in Vienna. When you purchase the coin you therefore acquire a little piece of democracy and by spending 5 euros you get something priceless in return.

On the occasion of the reopening of the Parliament building in Vienna, we are issuing this very special coin. The copper it contains originally formed part of the former roof of the building but was removed during the ongoing renovation of the building. By using it to make the copper edition of the Democracy coin, we are making our democratic tradition something tangible. A strong democracy thrives on discourse. Our opinions may differ, but our consensus is democracy. Likewise, fundamental rights and freedoms make a democracy what it is. They enable individual and social freedom and guarantee the co-determination of the individual.

The coin’s reverse features two heads in profile and one full face, which represent the people as sovereign. To the left, we see a watchful eye surrounded by stylised laurel leaves, to the right, we see a section of the Austrian Parliament building in the background. But much more than this, the coin illustrates the spirit from which our nation was born. This is reflected in the Austrian Constitution, where it says: "Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people." These wise words appear on the top and bottom edges of the coin.
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In 2022, Smiley celebrates its fifth decade of smiles and optimism.

The emblematic yellow, round face of the brand was born on 1st, January 1972 in France, when journalist Franklin Loufrani used this infectious smile in the newspaper France-soir in order to highlight stories which brought positive news and cheered up French people’s spirit. This operation, called « Take the time to smile » was an immediate success.

In 1996, the logo is relaunched and developed in other forms : a new 3D version is created and new expressions are added in. Nowadays, from the smiley to the emoticon, smiling takes multiple forms, becoming a representative of cheerfulness !

Since the creation of the yellow smile in 1972, Smiley diversified the range of its expressions, conveying over a hundred émotions. From the smiley to the emoticon, smiling takes multiple forms.

Each mini-medal highlights a particular emotion : love, gratitude, gluttony, joy and laughing.

The medals are packaged in a coloured packaging, to treat to someone or to yourself.
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The black stork is an unmistakable bird species. The adult has mainly black plumage with white underparts, long coral red legs and a long pointed beak. The beak and eye areas are the same colour as the legs, and the black plumage has an intense greenish-purple sheen. Adults weigh between around 2.4 kg and 3.2 kg. Black storks are distributed throughout most of Europe and Asia, and most forest areas of Slovakia are nesting sites for these birds. They typically nest in mature deciduous and mixed forests, preferring areas with wetlands and watercourses where they can forage for food. They select large trees with strong horizontal branches and show high fidelity to breeding sites and nesting trees. The base of the nest is formed by thick branches, while the interior is lined with twigs, clumps of grass, lichens and moss. The female lays two to four eggs. Both parents feed the fledglings by regurgitating food onto the nest floor. Black storks feed on smaller fish, amphibians, insects, gastropods, small mammals and small birds. They migrate to wintering grounds mainly in August and September. In Slovakia, the black stork is a protected species.
The obverse of the euro collector coin depicts a black stork hunting on a body of water. In the background is a tree with a stork’s nest. An adult stork is depicted flying towards a chick in the nest, carrying food in its beak. On the upper left side is the Slovak coat of arms and, above it, the year of issuance ‘2023’. On the right side is the mint mark of the Kremnica Mint (Mincovňa Kremnica), consisting of the letters ‘MK’ placed between two dies. Inscribed along part of the right edge is the name of the issuing country ‘SLOVENSKO’.

The reverse design depicts a black stork taking flight. To the right of this image are the denomination ‘5’ and currency ‘EURO’, one above the other. In the lower part of the design, next to the stork’s legs, are the stylised initials ‘MŠ’, referring to the coin’s designer Marie Šeborová. Inscribed along the lower edge and separated by a medial dot are the Slovak and scientific names for the black stork: ‘BOCIAN ČIERNY’ and ‘CICONIA NIGRA’.
15,15 €
Quality: Special Uncirculated
Face Value: 5 Euro
Diameter: 28,5 mm
Copper: 99,9%
Total Weight: 8,5 g
Comes without packaging

The New Year Coin 2024 is a special coin for a very special year. With 366 days instead of the usual 365, 2024 is a leap year and this limited-mintage coin is designed to remind you that the extra day should be enjoyed amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The extra day in a leap year keeps the calendar year synchronised with the solar year and thus with the cosmic order. You should accept it as a heavenly gift and treat it as an extra portion of luck. The extra day is a day with great potential on which you can allow yourself a little more ‘me time’, dedicate more time than usual to someone else, or do something you have always wanted to do. Or if you have resolved to tackle something completely new by the end of the year, why not use the extra day for that? Everyday life tends to demand a great deal from us without making any concessions, but that is not the case in 2024 when we are given a whole extra day to enjoy.

The reverse of the nine-sided coin is dedicated to the Gregorian calendar, which was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 to bring the calendar back into line with the solar year. Pope Gregory XIII features on the right edge of the coin next to a large, flame-haired human manifestation of the Sun. Below the Sun is the calendar page for the month of February showing the 29th of February – the extra day. At the top is the zodiac sign Pisces, which corresponds to late February. The coin’s obverse shows the coats of arms of the nine provinces of Austria.
15,00 €
Face valie 0,5 AUD
Metal: copper/nickel
Weight: 15,37 g
Diameter: 31,51 mm
Mintage: unlimited

In 2024 we celebrate the Lunar of the Dragon. People who are born under this sign are said to be enthusiastic, confident and 'natural born leaders'. This 2024 50c Uncirculated Tetradecagon Coin, with it's traditional and auspicious design, will make an honored and traditional gift for Chinese New Year.
29,00 €