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Coin capsule ULTRA Perfect Fit 40,6 mm (USA Eagle, Kookaburra, Koala 1 oz ag)

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Sileda servaga plastikust mündikapsel mündi mõõdule 40,6 mm
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The identical outer dimensions of the square capsules allow coins of different sizes to be stored in a single collectors’ system. Square coin capsules made from high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic. Secure yet easy-to-open locking. Capsules incl. precise-fit black insert for all the most common coins with a 14 - 41 mm diameter. Capsules available in mm increments. 

Capsule size: 50 x 50 x 6.25 mm.
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Coin capsules have become the standard for the storage of collectors’ coins. LEUCHTTURM has ‘coined’ this idea for medals, too, and offers the customised storage of militaria. The capsules for storing medals, are rectangular in shape and can be opened and closed easily. The military collectibles are placed on blue velvet, protecting them from being scratched or damaged. The classic background lets the medals stand out and enhances the look of the presentation.
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