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Belgium 2€ commemorative coin 2024 - Fight against cancer in Belgium

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Fight against cancer in Belgium

Since its inception, mankind has known innumerable plagues and ailments, which for years and even centuries seemed totally incurable, but which have subsequently been consigned in whole or in part to history. Someday - and perhaps much sooner than thought - we may and should succeed in curbing Cancer, too, in its many variants.

The sky is slowly clearing

In recent years, science has made spectacular advances in the fight against cancer, increasing survival rates and extending lifespans. Although a diagnosis can be particularly harsh and the road to a cure can be quite tough, we should certainly not lose heart. More than ever, we must dare to take a positive approach to confronting cancer. Here, not only the specific input of the oncologist, but also the support of the psychologist and physiotherapist plays an invaluable role. Without forgetting the precious help of the caregiver or volunteer, of course.

Mintage: 125 000 coin card
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set of 5 coins (A; G; D; J, F)
Issuing volume: 30 000 000 coins

Issuing date: January 2024

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On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Summer Games, Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to this renowned international competition through a collection highlighting sport, its values, the athletes but also the country's heritage host. Olympism and Paralympism are celebrated on these products, minted in France in our Art workshops.

Following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the year 2021 officially marks the start of the countdown to the Paris Games. It is the passing of the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the Games which marks the starting point of a new era of French Games. This transfer of the torch will be highlighted in this collection. 2021 is also the first year of a quadrilogy where sport and its values ​​will be presented through the collections of coins and medallions from the Monnaie de Paris.

To mark the countdown to the launch of the Games, the Paris Mint will strike from 2021 and for 4 years a commemorative €2 coin highlighting the Olympic Games through French numismatic figures.
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Feature: Social and health services

Description: The design represents a stylized map of Finland. The left-hand side bears the lettering ‘WELL-BEING’ in Finnish and Swedish. The year of issuance ‘2023’ is slightly on the left-hand side in the middle of the coin. At the bottom is the indication of the issuing country ‘FI’. At the right hand-side is the mintmark of the Mint of Finland. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European flag.

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The Frankfurt Constitution or Constitution of St. Paul's Church, officially named the Constitution of the German Empire of 28 March 1849, was an unsuccessful attempt to create a unified German nation state in the successor states of the Holy Roman Empire organised in the German Confederation. Adopted and proclaimed by the Frankfurt Parliament after the Revolutions of 1848, the constitution contained a charter of fundamental rights and a democratic government in the form of a constitutional monarchy. King Frederick William IV of Prussia was designated head of state as "Emperor of the Germans", a role he rejected. The constitution is called by its more common names in order to distinguish it from the Constitution of the German Empire enacted in 1871 and initiated by Otto von Bismarck.

Issuing volume: 30 000 000 coins

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