Abudance, Prosperiry and Good Fortune. The Year of the Dragon. Djibouti 250 Fr. 2024 Antique Finish 5 oz 99,9% silver coin

399,00 €
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Face value: 250 Francs
Weight: 5 oz
Silver: 99,9%
Diameter: 50 x 70 mm
Antique finish
Mintage: 488 coins

Special edition to celebrate the Year of The Dragon 2024

A newly hatched dragon impresses with highly detailed relief and comes to life with its outstanding finish.
Coveted piece of art made from 5 oz of .999 pure Silver, the Chinese Dragon Egg makes an exquisite gift for new beginnings and special occasions.

Only 488 pcs worldwide – secure this rare collectible item and celebrate one of the most iconic creatures of the Lunar calendar.
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110,00 €
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A beautiful celebration of the most significant symbol in Chinese culture
The first Lunar coin to feature the official coinage portrait of His Majesty The King

In 2024, Chinese New Year, The Year of the Dragon starts on 10 February. A joyful time that is marked by communities all over the world, friends and family will gather to enjoy traditional food, watch firework displays and gift children money in red envelopes. Each year is characterised by one of 12 zodiac animals, and 2024 sees the dragon in the ascendancy. Wise and powerful, the dragon is China’s most important cultural symbol and has come to represent confidence, courage and adventurousness. People born under its zodiac sign are said to possess these traits
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