Netherlands - 3.88 Euro - Mint Set Unc - Cupper/Nickel - Unc - 2023

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The Annual Sets The Netherlands 2023 contain all eight denominations in different qualities and packaging.

As culture carriers and a means of communication, coins function as a sort of time capsules. The Annual Sets The Netherlands from 2023 are therefore linked to (inter)national and personal milestones of this year. In addition, from 2022 to 2025, the Annual Sets from the National Collection® are devoted to the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. After all, the elements are linked to the seasons that determine our annual rhythm. The series continues this year with the element “Water”. 2023: the year of… Years are mainly remembered by the special events that took place, both (inter)nationally and personally. Many memorable events are immortalized on a coin or medal. For 2023, Willemstad being part of the Unesco World Heritage and the 50 years recognition of COC are some of the memorable events. Maybe the year 2023 is special for a personal reason. This could be a marriage, a birth or a special jubilee. This annual set is the perfect way to commemorate a personal milestone.
Mintage: 15 000 sets.
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This collection includes the circulating coins issued in 2023, minted with coin blanks and dies specially treated to obtain Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

The coins are presented in a blister pack within an illustrated folder.

The collection includes the 2-euro commemorative coin dedicated this year to Caceres, continuing the theme started in 2010 for 2-euro commemorative coins to commemorate properties and places included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Issue limit: 12 000 sets
55,00 €
Face value: 10 Yuan
Metal: cipper/nickel
weight: 9,2 g
Diameter: 27 mm
Quality: B.U.

The main design on the reverse is a traditional paper-cutting artistic ox combined. A palace lantern and grains are shown above. The left side is the Chinese word called “Xin Chou”, which is the Chinese traditional year name of 2021, the year of ox. The obverse is patterned with Chinese words of “the People’s Bank of China”, “10 Yuan” and its Pinyin of “SHIYUAN”, and the year “2021”, shading with flowers

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Andorra signed a Monetary Agreement with the European Union on 30 June 2011. As a result, Andorra can use the euro as its official currency and issue its own euro coins. All the coins feature the 12 stars of the European flag.

The €2 coin shows the coat of arms of Andorra with the motto "virtus unita fortior" (virtue united is stronger). Edge-lettering of the €2 coin: 2 **, repeated six times.
The €1 coin features Casa de la Vall, the former seat of parliament and a building of cultural and historical interest.
The 10, 20 and 50 cent coins show the Romanesque church of Santa Coloma
The 1, 2 and 5 cent coins show a Pyrenean chamois and a golden eagle.
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Lithuanian bu set. Mintage 7 000
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