Mythical Creatures in The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Dragon Huan. Samoa 0.20$ 2021. Goldplated copper coin. 24 g

25,00 €
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Fabe value: 0.2 $
Issuing cointry: samoa
Weight: 24 g
Diameter: 40 mm
Mintage: 5000

2021 Samoa Mythical Creatures in the Classic of Mountains and Seas Series 1 - HUAN 20 Cents Copper Coin Proof with gold-plating. Mythical Creatures in The Classic of Mountains and Seas refer to the strange animals with great mystery recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. HUAN--The Mythical Creatures in The Classic of Mountains and Seas, produced in the Yiwang Mountain, it looks like a wild cat, with three tails and one eye, and can make a hundred kinds of animal call. It is said that raise it could keep away evil spirits.
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149,00 €
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The first release in an interesting, thought provoking new series, this high relief silver coin depicts the Greek Goddess, Athena.

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