Magnifier glasses TAKE 5, 5different clip-on magnifier attachm. (1x; 1,5x; 2x; 2,5x, 3x)

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Hands-free for handcrafts and examining stamps, coins and other collectables. Incl. 5 magnifier attachments (1x, 1,5x, 2x,2,5x, 3,5x). Individually adjustable. With LED-light (including batteries). Suitable for spectacle wearers.
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Magnifier glass with handle. acrylic lens with lens diameter of 90 mm
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The SWING magnifier lamp is the perfect aid, even when carrying out the most intricate and detailed jobs: this enables the user to keep both hands free for other tasks, has an extra-large glass lens (127 mm) with 1.75x magnification (3 diopters) and provides light as bright as natural daylight thanks to the 60 cold white LEDs. This means, for example, that it is possible to assess the colors of stamps and banknotes without any distortion. As a result of the flexible, two-part sprung swivel arm, the magnifier head can be moved easily and smoothly into the optimum operating position. The table clamp, which can be continuously adjusted, is suitable for almost any kind of table top (up to a thickness of approx. 63 mm). Features a cap to cover the lens and a wing screw for fixing the magnifier head. Cable passes through the swivel arm. LEDs cannot be replaced. Only suitable for indoor use. Class A energy efficiency.

Technical specifications
Lens: 1.75x (3 diopters), Ø 127 mm (5"), glass
Number of LEDs: 60 (cold white)  
Color temperature: 5600–6000 kelvins (daylight)
Light output: 1200 lumen
Maximum output: 12 W 
Energy efficiency class: A
Operating temperature: ? 40°C
Voltage: 220–240 V AC, 50 Hz
Material: plastic, metal
Color: black
Length of lower swivel arm: approx. 410 mm (16 ?") / upper swivel arm: approx. 410 mm (16 ?") /
magnifier head: approx. 335 mm 
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Bright-field magnifier with LED illumination and 10x magnification. The housing and the lens are made of break proof plastic material, so that the magnifier is lightweight and extremely robust at the same time. The high-quality acrylic lens (diameter: 62 mm / 2 ½") provides an image without edge distortion. Due to the concave form of the lens, it is possible to consider even higher objects under the magnifier. The integrated LED diode can be adjusted in 2 brightness levels and prevents premature eye fatigue thanks to reduced blue light. Moreover, the magnifier comes with an integrated, rechargeable battery that prevents battery changing. Incl. storage pouch, cleaning cloth and USB charging cable. Overall size: 85 x 72 x 45 mm 

The advantages at a glance:
• Bright-field magnifier with LED illumination
• Acrylic lens with 10x magnification
• No edge distortion
• Lens diameter: 62 mm (2 ½") 
• Made of break proof plastic material
• Robust and lightweight
• LED illumination with 2 brightness levels and reduced blue light
• Rechargeable battery
• Incl. storage pouch, cleaning cloth and USB charging cable
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LED pull-out magnifier DUPLEX with 3x and 6x magnification. 2 high-quality acrylic glass lenses, can be pulled out separately. Size lens 6x: 25 x 16 mm (1 x 5/8"), size lens 3x: 25 x 50 mm (1 x 2"). Silver aluminum alloy housing ensures that the magnifier is highly robust and lightweight at the same time. With 1 white LED per lens. For activating the LED, pull the lens completely beyond the resistance out of the housing. Rechargeable battery, as there is no need to change the battery. With USB connection, incl. USB charging cable. Overall size (closed): 102 x 40 x 11 mm 
35,00 €
Stand magnifier with 8x magnification and LED light. Lens diameter: 23 mm (1"). Viewable area: Ø 30 mm (1 1/4"). With scale (measuring range: 10 mm / 3/8", scaling: 0.1 mm / 1/25"). Adjustable focus ring. Plastic housing with translucent bottom part (open at one side). Ideal for stamps, banknotes, coins, photos, jewelry, as well as small fossils and minerals. Battery-operated: 2x 1.5 V, type AA (not included). Overall size: 131 x 50 x 46 mm (5 1/8 x 2 x 1 7/8").
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