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In memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Niue 1 $ 2022 copper coin. 45 g

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39,00 €
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Country of legal tender: Niue
Face value: 1 $
Metal: Copper
Weight: 45 g
Maximum Mintage: 3000
Year Dated: 2022

On February 6, 1952, King George VI of England died of illness, and Princess Elizabeth, who was visiting Africa, succeeded to the throne at the age of 25. It can be said that the 96-year-old Queen has completely dedicated her life to the British royal family. In the hearts of many people, she not only witnessed history, but her experience is a living history book. Local time on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 at the Balmoral Castle, Scotland, ending her brilliant life. The reverse design is taken from five portraits that have appeared on British coins since the accession of Queen Elizabeth II on February 6, 1952. These portraits have been described as the definitive British coin portraits. This is a milestone. Above the portrait is the St. Edward's Crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation, the most important symbol of royal power.
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The 2.5 euro coin is minted in BU-quality and is issued in two language versions. On the coincard, a close-up of a beer will quench your thirst. On the coin you will see the Belgian beer culture in a nutshell; each beer has its own matching type of glass!

• Official issue to commemorate 5 years of Belgian beer culture
• Thirst quenching packaging in two language versions
• Limited mintage of max. 20,000 coins
• Legal tender in Belgium, not for circulation

• Metal: Brass
• Weight: 10.50 g
• Diameter: 25.65 mm
• Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) / FDC
• Design: Iris Bruijns (obverse), Luc Luycx (reverse)
• Max. mintage: 20,000 coins worldwide (distributed in 2 language versions in a coincard and 7,500 coins are included in the annual FDC set 2021)

19,00 €
3-medal collection officially licensed by A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE™!

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the very first "A Song of Ice and Fire" book (published 1996 by famous George R. R. Martin) or the 10th anniversary of the first tv series in 2021!
Including 13 medals struck from different (precious) metals & a 13-paged booklet telling the story of each medal telling the story of the great houses of Westeros & Essos. Scroll down for a complete collection overview!

A must-have for every book lover or tv series fan - a perfect collectors' item to reach new target groups!

The Premium Display Packaging hosts your complete collection and can also be used as a picture frame which makes it a great gift product for Christmas!




Weight: 2.9 g - 21 g
Metal: various - Silver, iron, brass and more
Diameter: 21 mm - 38 mm
Quality: circulated

Special Feature Officially licensed product, picture frame packaging
299,00 €
The $2 Honouring Queen Elizabeth II coin is a solemn tribute to Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022),

Metal: Cupper/Nickel
Weight: 6,9 g
Diameter: 28 (mm)
Quality: Unc

The $2 Honouring Queen Elizabeth II coin is a solemn tribute to Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022),
The coin features a black outer ring that surrounds the polar bear design on the reverse, and the effigy on the obverse, to form a symbol of mourning.

Every coin features a dated 2022 and bearing all the design elements of a standard $2 coin with the introduction of a black outer ring that surrounds the polar bear design on the reverse, and the effigy on the obverse, to form a symbol of mourning.
5,00 €
Country: Niue
Issuing year: 2023
Face Value: 1 $
Silver: 99,9%
Diameter: 38,6 mm
Weight: 1 oz / 31.1035 g
Mintage: 1 500

King Charles III’s coronation is an occasion of rare historic magnitude, steeped in ancient rites and spectacle. This once-in-a-lifetime event commands an equally impressive coin to commemorate it, and the 2023 $1 King Charles III Coronation 1oz Silver Proof Coin is just that! An important opportunity for royal fans and numismatic collectors alike, this spectacularly struck Proof boasts a deeply meaningful and poignant design, uniting past and present in the purest silver, further elevated by enviable exclusivity. 2023 is not only the year of Charles III’s coronation, but also marks the 70th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The inspiring design of this spectacularly struck Niue legal tender coin centers around this meaningful convergence. A unique dual-sided coin, struck from 99.9% PURE SILVER, it features a very special commemorative obverse! A beautiful depiction of a youthful Queen Elizabeth II at her own coronation, 70 years prior, graces the obverse, whilst a richly detailed portrait of King Charles III occupies the reverse. The new king looks toward the future, with his mother gazing towards the past – a touching ode to her years of singularly exceptional service and dedication.
199,00 €
Quality: Special Uncirculated
Face Value: 5 Euro
Diameter: 28,5 mm
Copper: 99,9%
Total Weight: 8,5 g
Mintage: 50 000
Comes without packaging

Leave winter behind you with the help of our inspiring spring coin, Getting There. As you walk towards the sun, you become more receptive to the beauty of nature and with each step you get closer to yourself. Walking is so good for us, so why not encourage a friend or loved one to take to the trail with the gift of this great little companion piece and talisman. A gift from the heart, it will give motivate them to set off on a spring stroll for the soul – and if they have lost their bearings, it can help them find their way back. But where does the path lead us? Will it take us even deeper into the forest? Or will it lead us out of it? What lies over the the next ridge? Will the path lead us up the mountain before guiding us safely down into the valley below? The path meanders this way and that, up and down, as if it does not know where it is going itself. It does this out of pure modesty, out of respect for nature and out of cautiousness. It is gentle with those who walk it, too. It draws us forwards, both taking its time and giving us time by inviting us to dawdle, to pause and to marvel. It shows us the world and its big little secrets. The meaning of walking is not only measured by where it leads us. The very act of walking is meaningful in itself, it energises body and mind, and gives direction to the lost and confused. Walking changes those who walk. It helps us see that the path of life is not something irrevocable but part of an ongoing process, a kind of pilgrimage to happiness and contentment. We may not always know exactly where it is taking us, but it gets us there in the end. The path on the coin’s reverse winds its way up to the picturesque Falkenstein church, which is built into the rock in woodland near St Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut region of central Austria. The coats of arms of the nine federal provinces of Austria feature on the coin’s obverse and give the coin its nine-sided shape. Getting There is available in both copper and silver.
19,00 €