Euro Catalogue for coins and banknotes 2024 English

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mprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes, and official circulation coin sets since the introduction of the euro.
- Summary of all European 2-euro commemorative coins
- Detailed compilation of euro banknotes.
- Short historical overview of the introduction of the euro.
- With colourful illustrations and many technical details (e.g. year of issue, mintage, material, weight, diameter / size, value in euro)
- English version

The EURO-catalogue by LEUCHTTURM contains a comprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes, and official circulation coin sets since the introduction of the euro in each country. Additionally, the book offers detailed information about circulation coins, a summary of all 2-euro commemorative coins as well as the identification of transnational European issues. The catalogue appears annually on the 1st of December as a new issue including all coins and updated mintage for earlier issues known by the copy deadline. Colour illustrations that facilitate piece searches, its up-to-dateness, as well as a low price make the work an essential reference book for every collector of euro-coins.
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2 Euro Coin Catalogue - The guide to one of Europe's largest coin collecting areas.

The introduction of the euro has created a cross-border collecting area with many millions of enthusiastic collectors - and since 2004, the whole of Europe has been in two-euro collecting fever: the euro states can adapt the national side of their two-euro coins to commemorate significant events, buildings or personalities So far, more than 400 different motifs have been minted - and many a rarity slumbers in the change.

This catalogue is the indispensable companion for two-euro treasure hunters and all those who want to became one.
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Acceding to the British throne on 8 September 2022 following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, His Majesty King Charles III now becomes part of numismatic history as The Royal Mint prepare to unveil the first definitive coins of the monarch’s reign, complete with eight new reverse designs.

The first definitive coins of His Majesty The King’s reign mark a milestone year in UK history. On 6 May 2023, the coronation of King Charles III took place at Westminster Abbey, a national event of celebration that came in the same year as His Majesty’s upcoming 75th birthday. These definitive UK coins feature the official coinage portrait of The King and embody the transition to a new reign and new Carolean era.

As the new definitive coins of the United Kingdom, the reverse designs take inspiration from the UK’s four nations and reflect some of His Majesty’s passions; they have also received The King’s personal approval. Soon, these contemporary designs will be familiar to millions of people in the UK and around the world.
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