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Euro Catalogue for coins and banknotes 2024 English

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Available in May 2024

Imprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes, and official circulation coin sets since the introduction of the euro.
- Summary of all European 2-euro commemorative coins
- Detailed compilation of euro banknotes.
- Short historical overview of the introduction of the euro.
- With colourful illustrations and many technical details (e.g. year of issue, mintage, material, weight, diameter / size, value in euro)
- English version

The EURO-catalogue by LEUCHTTURM contains a comprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes, and official circulation coin sets since the introduction of the euro in each country. Additionally, the book offers detailed information about circulation coins, a summary of all 2-euro commemorative coins as well as the identification of transnational European issues. The catalogue appears annually on the 1st of December as a new issue including all coins and updated mintage for earlier issues known by the copy deadline. Colour illustrations that facilitate piece searches, its up-to-dateness, as well as a low price make the work an essential reference book for every collector of euro-coins.
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2 Euro Coin Catalogue - The guide to one of Europe's largest coin collecting areas.

The introduction of the euro has created a cross-border collecting area with many millions of enthusiastic collectors - and since 2004, the whole of Europe has been in two-euro collecting fever: the euro states can adapt the national side of their two-euro coins to commemorate significant events, buildings or personalities So far, more than 400 different motifs have been minted - and many a rarity slumbers in the change.

This catalogue is the indispensable companion for two-euro treasure hunters and all those who want to became one.
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