Coin waller ROUTE 2€ with 6 coin sheets each for 8 coins, blue

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Coin wallet containing 6 sheets, each with space for 8 coins. With silver embossing „2 € album“ on the lid and padded cover. Overall size:120 x 165 mm. Perfect for transporting your collection and displaying it on trading days. Free of chemical softeners, durable rigid PVC sliding inserts.
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Must plastikust vaheleht sobib nii OPTIMA kui VISTA paberraha kui müntide albumisse.
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All boards are covered in luxury black velvet. Easy handling: Simply stick the pin badges through the board and attach from the back. 

Tip: We recommend you to use every second panel as an intermediate layer for more protection of your pin badges. 
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Bookbinder's quality leatherette binder with 4-ring mechanism. Overall size: 235 x 240 x 60 mm. This album is without pockets.
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Classic-design complete album with matching slipcase. Bound leatherette ring binder with 4-ring mechanism,  including 5 NUMIS sheets (44, 34, 25, 17, diverse) and 5 white interleaves. Sliding drawer window are made of plasticiser and acid free soft specialty film. Overall size:   235 x 240 x 60 mm
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OPTIMA ring binder made from textured leatherette with a matching slipcase. Two page turners. Can be expanded to hold up to 50 OPTIMA coin sheets (depending on contens).
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