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"Celebrating Love. Japanese Cranes " Fij 1$ 2022 Bi-metal 99,9% silver coin. 21.4 g

129,00 €
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Face value: 1 $Fiji
Silver: 99.9%
Total weight: 37,4 g (21,4 g silver)
Mintage: 5,000

Japanese cranes are strictly monogamous. Once they become mates, they can maintain their marriage for life. Therefore, in Japan and other countries, Japanese cranes are regarded as a symbol of monogamous love. Male and female in pairs, intimate, together foraging, or standing together in pairs, inseparable, In the breeding season, the male and female pairs spread their wings and draw their necks and dance lightly. The graceful dancing posture is fascinating. The text on the outer ring quotes famous Japanese poet Kiyohara no Motosuke "Today the tears are full of sleeves, still think mutually firm. Love is like a wave that swallows the pine mountains" --Mibu no Tadami "I fall in love,The rumor already Goes around.Though I began to Give my heart to her secretly. Love is not known, this desire alone dark acacia"
Silver: 99.9%
Weight: 21,4 g
Mintage: 5,000

The Golden Eagle implements true monogamy. Once the courtship is successful, they will live together for a long time. This kind of continuous love is relatively rare among birds of prey. The Background text is from Goethe's love Poem "restless Love".
119,00 €
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Face value: Niue 1$
Silver: 99.9%
Size: 36 x 35,5 mm
Weight: 15,5 g
Mintage: 3,000

Fall in love at kiss silver coin will be a series of products. According to the different countries of boys and girls' clothing as features, by boys and girls after kissing love as the theme. The first coin in the series is traditional Chinese garments, deliver the sweetness of love. The most romantic thing in the world is that I like you, and you just like me.
79,00 €
Issuing country: Rwanda
Denomination: 10 Francs FRW
Year 2022
Gold: 99,99%
Weight: 1/200 oz
Diameter: 8 mm
Mintage: 15,000
Special Coin Card and Folding Card

Perfect for every opportunity!
1/200 oz. finest 9999 gold!
Affordable gold for everyone!

A bouquet of roses is a gift for every opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, especially if the roses come on a finest gold coin.
Sealed in a cheque-card-sized blister packaging, this bouquet will never wither.
79,00 €
Country: Cook Islands
Year: 2024
Face Value: 5 Dollars
Silver: 99.99%
Weight: 20 g
Size: 37 x 37 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 2024
Technique: smartminting

Roses, with their alluring fragrance, have long held court in the gardens of romantics and poets alike. Nature’s divas draped in flamboyant petals, captivating our senses with their resplendent beauty. But beware, for beneath their marvellous façade lies a thorny nature. The 14th edition of the «Silver Hearts» series charms with two pink crystals and subtle colours.

155,00 €
Face Value: 10 Euro
Quality Proof
Diameter: 32.00 mm
Silver: 92,5%
Total Weight: 15.352 g

Packaging Comes in a case complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity and protective slipcase
Like all the coins in The Language of Flowers series, The Chamomile features an imprint of real flowers. Faithful to the tiniest detail, they are pressed using a special technique that captures them in their natural state. In the language of flowers, chamomile signifies ‘strength in difficult situations’ and ‘energy in adversity”. This makes perfect sense given chamomile’s numerous healing and magical properties, uplifting scent and delightful daisy-like flowers.

Known to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and used for centuries to heal a wide range of maladies, chamomile was believed by the Anglo-Saxons to be one of nine sacred herbs with special powers to fend off illness and evil. This unassuming yet powerful herb has a history of use in magic spells for peace, purification, protection and self-esteem. It is also said to have magical abilities to attract luck, love and prosperity and to release the pain of lost love and help people let go of grudges, guilt and anger. Humans are not alone in enjoying the many benefits of chamomile, as the beautifully scented, easy-growing herb is also known as the ‘plant doctor’ and if placed next to ailing or weak plants is thought to help strengthen them.

Next to an ornamental side image of chamomiles, which is stylishly printed in colour, the coin’s reverse features imprints of real chamomiles in bloom. On the coin’s obverse, chamomile flowers adorn the hair of a determined-looking young woman who symbolises vitality. On her shoulder sits a phoenix, a mythical bird that has stood for renewal and rebirth since ancient times. Beyond her the silhouette of a spear is visible.
70,00 €
Face Value: 10 Euro
Quality Proof
Diameter: 32.00 mm
Silver: 92,5%
Total Weight: 15.352 g

In England the peony is sometimes referred to as the ‘rose royale’ and the Chinese word for peony means ‘the most beautiful’. Peonies have been painted by many European artists and the opulent beauty of the peony has long been a popular subject in Chinese and Japanese literature, painting and decoration. A Chinese legend has it that a capricious empress commanded all the flowers in her garden to blossom at the same time. All acquiesced apart from the peony. Annoyed by the flower’s refusal, the empress banished it to the coldest reaches of the empire, yet despite the inhospitable environment, the peony thrived. The empress, duly impressed, allowed the peony to return, declaring it the ‘queen of all flowers’.
70,00 €