San Marino 2€ commemorative coin 2021 - 550th Anniversary of the Brith of Albrecht Dürer

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Mintage: 54 000

Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremberg, Franconia, in 1471 and was a painter, printer, illustrator, engraver, portraitist and theoretical mathematician.

He became the highest representative of the art and culture of the Northern European Renaissance, thanks to the predominance of graphic expression, including drawing, from composition to study from life, to landscape, to portrait.
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In 1521, Charles V introduced a golden guilder of 20 stuivers, a new unit of account: the Carolus guilder. In 1543, a silver Carolus guilder was also introduced. After the abdication of Charles V, the coins were no longer minted. However, the (Carolus) guilder remained in use in the Low Countries for a long time as a term and unit of account.
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